Termites (white ants) have the potential to cause thousands of dollars of damage to your property
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Termites (white ants) have the potential to cause thousands of dollars of damage to your property.


It's critical that a Timber Pest Report is undertaken prior to purchase of any property. With over 350 termite varieties in this country, 20 of which are classified as highly destructive, not being aware of potential termite (white ant) problems could cost thousands in repairs to the purchaser if not detected at the time of securing the property.


Knowing of timber pest problems prior to placing your house on the market will give you time to rectify and repair these problems ensuring you receive maximum price at sales time and will prevent unecessary delays or possible loss of a sale.

Highly experienced inspectors are fully trained and conduct thorough inspections of your property to reveal any timber pest problems and recommend a correct course of action. These inspections are carried out to theAustralian Standard (AS 4349.3 - Timber Pest Inspections).

This report should be carried out by an independent company so you receive all the relevant information required. Graphic Property Reports is not affiliated with Vendors / Purchasers / Real Estate agents and do not receive any financial or commercial benefit.

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